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Who is Rob Savickis and why am I doing this?

This must be the first question in anyone's mind who doesn't know me already. Where did this guy come from and why is he creating this website?

First off, as a kid ( I am now 48 years old) I think my parents instilled in me indirectly an appreciation of polka music. I was in a Latvian dance troupe called “Jandals” in St. Catharines Ontario Canada from the age of 5 till the end of high school where as with many European dance groups the primary dance step was the polka. At many of the functions of which we were a part the djs played a significant number of polkas. Although I at the time did not know what bands were playing those songs I could dance a good “power polka” with the girls.


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    This site was created to assist you in your exploration of some of the best polka bands that are and were around. Unlike other sales sites which just present products for sale we are creating an interactive site where you can discover the stories, pictures and music of some of the best polka bands on this planet...

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